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  • An affordable resistance band set with enough resistance to grow with you as you get stronger
  • Amazon Recommended


  • Doesn't offer the most resistance out of any set available
  • The 4 handles included may not be enough if you don't like swapping bands out a lot (think dropsets and supersets)
  • The chest accessory may be useless for some


This is a good all-around set of resistance bands for most people. The next best option where you will see a real step-change in what you can do with the equipment is with the Bodylastics set, but these are nearly 3x as much as this set is by Pin Jian.

These are far better than I expected and are a fantastic value for the price. Adding these bands, however, has probably doubled the number of moves you can do and the angles I can get on certain muscle groups.

It comes with four handles with foam grips on a sturdy plastic tube that rotates along with your angle of pull. All the strapping material is rugged like what is used for belts or on backpacks. There are chromed metal rings for hook-up. The bands are secured in the strong strapping material metal rivets. The rings are hooked by rigging loops that open with spring action for fast, easy hookups, which look safe to me. There is a chest pull, 2 ankle straps, and door anchors. The bag is plenty big enough and quite sturdy. The resistance seems to increase when they’re pulled from under your feet or from a pole. I don’t know how long that they stretch, but at least 2x their normal unstretched length is probably a safe bet.

You can purchase a bar for doing squats or create your own from steel pipe and threaded eye hooks. I use the handles to perform squats. For the price, it is worth the money. It is a fitness center in a bag.There are instructions and a little exercise guide.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

My wife loves this! its perfect for her daily workouts. I’ll give it a shot whenever shes not using it lol. Quality stuff!


4.0 out of 5 stars

More exercise pamphlets would have been nice. Also – i have no idea what the “chest spreader” could legitimately be used for since it stretches just as much as all the bands.

Joseph K

4.0 out of 5 stars

Works pretty well. Bought after breaking my hip so this worked well. Since I live in a Retirement Home space is at a premium.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Sharon J

Product is very high quality. Helping with saving money by doing physical therapy at home. I was slightly disappointed in the instruction sheet, but I would buy this again.

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